Sunshine Chiropractic Clinic


 elieve pain,

ejuvenate your body,

   evitalize your life.

Mission Statement

To provide our patients with high quality, cutting edge healthcare to both optimize and maintain health while teaching the principles of wellness.

About Us

History of the Sunshine Chiropractic Clinic

The Sunshine Chiropractic Clinic was originally opened in 1969 in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, by Dr. Barry W. Sunshine.  

In 1972, Dr. Sunshine traveled south and relocated in Maryville, TN where he has practiced for over 40 years.  As Dr. Sunshine's vision grew, so did his practice.  In 1988, he expanded his practice to include Knox County where he opened an addition clinic on Northshore Drive.

Dr. Sunshine had a vision of a clinic devoted to the care of patients through a holistic approach.  Treatment was designed to facilitate the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Since the beginning, Dr. Sunshine believed the body had the ability to heal itself with minimal assistance from medicine or surgery.  He realized that every patient had a ujnique set of circumstances and patterns that made them individuals.  He vowed to treat the patient as an individual, not as an average or a deviant from the average.  This realization embarked him on a never-ending journey for knowledge and wisdom through study and prayer.

He continues his vision today with his sons Dr. Brian W. Sunshine and Matthew W. Sunshine, L.M.T. along with his amazing staff at two locations

The Sunshines and their staff are committed to the art and science of natural healing.